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Fiberglass (composite) mesh

Lightweight composite fiberglass mesh is made on the basis of epoxy resin and fiberglass, it is much lighter than metal and easy to use. Mesh is an almost irreplaceable, frequently used building material. The grid itself is made of rods – fastened to each other, forming a lattice that is very strong against all kinds of mechanical and chemical influences. The cells in the grid are most often square, the minimum size is 50×50 mm, but products with larger cells are also produced.  Composite mesh is usually produced in rolls or cards (sheets). The mesh width can be up to 1.2 m, while the length can be any.

The use of composite meshes halves the formation of cracks. It is widely used in the construction of roads, brick and stone buildings, all kinds of floors, as well as when pouring concrete floors. High temperatures and excessive moisture are not terrible for fiberglass or basalt mesh, unlike its metal counterpart.

Advantages of a composite mesh:

  •  Durability;
  •  Low specific gravity;
  •  Does not conduct heat;
  •  Immunity to chlorine ions and acids;
  •  Tensile strength is 4 times higher than that of steel;
  •  High rates of adhesion to concrete;
  •  Transparency to magnetic and radio fields;
  •  Dielectric (non-conductive).

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