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Folded composite elements

Welding of composite reinforcement is impossible due to the dielectric properties of the material and therefore, to form corners during reinforcement, it is necessary to perform viscous single straight rods or using ready-made bent elements.

The use of bent reinforcing elements makes it possible to better distribute tensile and deformation loads, making the frame one-piece and, therefore, more durable, which has a positive effect on the strength of the product.

Curved composite elements are used for strip foundations, foundation slabs, floor slabs, piles, pillars and other structures requiring increased strength, load distribution or reduction in the total weight of the product.

Benefits of bent composite elements:

  • Savings: Reducing the cost of bent reinforcing elements for reinforced concrete products (concrete goods);
  • Quality: Manufacturing of bent elements from composite reinforcement, from simple to complex spatial profiles, is carried out on modern lines, allowing you to maintain the exact geometry of the product;
  • Individual approach: We carry out production of bent reinforcing elements exactly according to your dimensions, in any volumes, just in time.

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