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Glass fiber

To improve the strength and properties of concrete, additives are used in concrete, micro-reinforcing building fibers-fiber. Fiber for concrete greatly facilitates and speeds up the construction process, the objects being handed over are much stronger and have a long service life.

The production of fiber made it possible to improve the quality of building material.  It does not deform, withstands various temperature drops well, has greater strength and durability.

Glass fiber for concrete is more often used for finishing and decoration work, and fiberglass is also used when working with plaster. It is used for the manufacture of various facade elements and decorations. Typically, fiberglass fibers are added to various solutions. The addition of glass to concrete can significantly reduce the cost of building materials, and the use of these fibers significantly reduces the appearance of cracks when working with building mixtures. The strength of the material is greatly increased. Glass fiber is one of the inexpensive and affordable materials.

Advantages of glass fiber:

Concrete with the addition of reinforcing fiberglass is not only cost-effective and easy to use, but also has a significantly better surface in the hardened state and has higher strength characteristics, including increased impact resistance.


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