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Polyethylene PE100 pipes

Today, plastic products, along with other technological innovations, have become an integral part of our life. As a result, people began to prefer plastic pipes, which are more economical, resistant to chemical and natural attack, and easier to use, rather than metal pipes.

The advantages of polyethylene pipes are the following:

  • Quality: The production process is based on high quality raw materials and meets the requirements of DİN, TSE, GOST, İSO standards;
  • Reliability: Systems assembled from these pipes are resistant to high temperatures and pressures;
  • Durability: The warranty period for these pipes is 50 years;
  • Chemical resistance: Pipes do not corrode and are resistant to aggressive media;
  • Flow rate: Due to the smooth inner surface, these pipes have an increased flow capacity.

The production of polyethylene pipes based on PE 100 is considered the beginning of a new stage in the production of plastic pipes. These pipes are considered to be more modern and are characterized by high pressure resistance.  Unlike other brands of pipes (PE 63, PE 80), these pipes have a smaller wall thickness and higher mechanical properties. Our plant is capable of producing PE100 pipes with a diameter of 50-800 mm.

PE 100 pipes are used in the following areas:

  •  Underground and surface drinking water networks;
  •  Seawater drainage systems;
  •  Drainage systems;
  •  Field irrigation systems;
  •  Oil fields;
  •  Chemical and petrochemical industry;
  •  Construction of buildings and industrial facilities;
  •  Mining industry;
  •  Construction of trunk and local gas pipelines.

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