Curved Composite Elements

Curved Composite Reinforcement: Innovative Solutions in Construction

Curved composite reinforcement is a real breakthrough in the construction industry, providing the ability to create strong and durable structures with minimal costs and maximum efficiency. Due to the material's dielectric properties, welding of composite reinforcement is not possible. However, using ready curved elements or connecting individual straight rods allows for forming angles during reinforcement, ensuring the integrity of the framework and increasing the strength of the product.

Advantages in Various Structures

Curved composite elements offer significant advantages in the construction of various structures, such as strip foundations, foundation slabs, floor slabs, piles, columns, and more. They evenly distribute tensile and deformation loads, making the products robust and reliable. Composite materials have high flexibility, allowing for the production of curved elements of various shapes and sizes, providing an individual approach to each project.

The production of curved reinforcing elements from composite reinforcement is carried out on modern lines, guaranteeing high quality and precision in the geometry of the products. This enables cost savings in the construction process, reducing the cost of precast concrete products.

Advantages of Curved Composite Elements:


Thus, curved composite elements offer an excellent alternative to traditional reinforcement, with numerous advantages. Implementing this innovative technology can increase the efficiency of construction projects and improve the quality of modern structures.

Technical indicators


Diametr, mm Çəki, kq Tondakı metrlərin sayı
6 0,22 4505
8 0,40 2532
10 0,62 1621
12 0,89 1126
14 1,21 826
16 1,58 633
18 2,00 500
20 2,47 405
22 2,98 336
25 3,85 260


Diametr, mm Çəki, kq Tondakı metrlərin sayı
4 0,027 37037
6 0,042 23810
8 0,084 11905
10 0,138 7264
12 0,190 5263
14 0,260 3846
16 0,360 2778
18 0,474 2110
20 0,600 1667

Applicable areas

Building & Construction


Road construction

Marine structures

Reinforcement of walls