Our products

We, the team of "Carsan" company, actively implement the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of polymers and composite materials in our production. In Azerbaijan, our factory is a pioneer in using the technology of producing polyethylene pipes with a polypropylene protective layer. This provides a range of advantages, such as the elimination of the need for small sand during trench filling, reducing the risk of pipe damage during transportation and assembly, and increasing the pipe's service life, especially when used outdoors.

The "Carsan" factory is built according to the ISO 9001 standard, and we adhere to its principles in our work. This international quality standard is the basis of our activities, ensuring a high level of production development and compliance of products with international standards. 

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production lines from the globally renowned company "Krauss Maffei" from Germany. This allows us to optimize time and ensure high-quality pipe manufacturing while meeting any technical requirements.

In addition to polyethylene pipes with a polypropylene protective layer, our specialization also includes the production of other polymer and composite products. Our team possesses rich experience and knowledge in these materials, enabling us to provide a wide range of solutions for various industries and projects. We are ready to fulfill individual technical orders and deliver high-quality polymer products that meet our customers' demands.

Advantages of polyethylene pipe
with polypropylene protective layer

They have a long service life — at least 50 years

The probability of pipe damage during transportation and assembly is reduced to zero

The pipe increases its service life by at least 2 times in the case of outdoor use