Fiberglass Сomposite Mesh

Innovative Building Material

Fiberglass mesh is a frequently used and indispensable construction material. It is made from epoxy resin and fiberglass, possessing remarkable properties that make construction structures strong and durable. Thanks to its application, crack formation is reduced by 2 times, making it the preferred choice in road construction, brick and stone buildings, as well as various floorings and concrete floors.

Perfect Combination of Strength and Convenience

Composite mesh consists of rods interconnected to form a strong grid capable of withstanding mechanical and chemical impacts. Its cells are typically square with a minimum size of 50x50 mm, and products with larger cells are also produced with a mesh width of up to 2 meters, and the length can be of any size. In addition to high durability and corrosion resistance, composite mesh is characterized by low specific weight and lack of thermal conductivity, making it immune to chlorides and acids.

Superiority of Fiberglass Mesh in Construction

Fiberglass mesh has impressive characteristics that make it an ideal material for construction:

A Popular Solution in Construction

Composite materials, such as fiberglass mesh, are becoming increasingly popular and in demand in the construction and industrial sectors due to their unique characteristics, ensuring the reliability and durability of structures. Fiberglass composite mesh is the optimal combination of strength and convenience, making it an indispensable solution for various construction projects.

Applicable areas

Building & Construction

Road construction

Marine structures


Chemical and petrochemical industry

Reinforcement of walls